Romus super hook blades

Red-painted-knife, straight-blade, small-hook-blade red painted knife, straight blade, small hock blade super-hook-blade, flat-quarter-moon-knife, angled- quarter-moon-knife super hock blade, flat quarter moon knife, angled quarter moon knife trimming-guide, internal-angle-roller, trimming-gouge trimming.

Floorfit super hook blades a better quality blade for use in a dolphin knife.

Hi -tech carpet and vinyl trimmer – flooring cutting tool - price: £3900 - the hi- tech araseur is made by romus for the floor trade and is reversable the professional way to trim carpet and vinyl floor covering lay carpet or vinyl leaving a small overlap to the wall carefully insert your hooked blade and push cutter firmly into.

Romus super hook blades

Items 1 - 6 of 6 c20a mozart large hook blades to suit crain 730 utility knife $734 c20a mozart large hook blades to suit c20a mozart large hook blades to suit crain 730 utility $734 add to cart more add to wishlist romus super hook blade romus super hook blade instore or phone orders only more.

  • Hook blades tough, heavy-duty blades for cutting roofing materials, linoleum, carpet, fabric, cartons, and sheet materials blades have protected edges to help prevent damage to surfaces or items below fit most standard roofing and utility knives.

Replacement blades for specialist carpet cutting tools are sold in packs of up to 100, we stock heavy duty blades and replacement saw blade are blades are suitable fro most carpet installation tools. Hook blades product description hook blades find out more choice of criteria - length 065 mm thickness small hook, large hook, super hook type references -technical data. Blades and 3 hook blades (w8) 691101 painted knife red paint finish supplied without blade 691102 polished knife finely polished, shiny finish supplied without blade 92236 100 super hook blade thickness 065 mm packed in safety dispenser 92300 100 concave blade thickness 065 mm.

romus super hook blades Romus model number: 92236 availability: in stock quantity: price: £3312 ex vat: £2760 buy now product details thickness 065 mm refined high grade carbon steel with high percentage of tungsten and chromium exceptional wear resistance supplied 10 blades per safety dispenser 100 blades per box.
Romus super hook blades
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